Shih Hsin was the first school in Taiwan with a department of radio and television studies. Since the department was established in 1962,it has trained more than ten thousand students.The distinguishing features of the department are emphasizing both theory and production as well as valuing students’ creativity in video and audio, and procedure training. The department has three media in which students may be interns: SHU radio, SHU television studio, and SHU film society. Students can bring their ideas to fruition by creating programs and helping to run these media.

Undergraduate Programs / Example Courses

The Department of Radio, Television and Film (RTF) at Shih Hsin University provides a balanced and comprehensive program in the practice and theory of RTF. The Department offers a broad range of courses in theory, production and writing skills covering many aspects of radio , television and cinema. The undergraduate curricula offer media theory course, RTF theory core courses, RTF production core courses, and elective RTF courses. The combination of production and theory is one of the competitive characters of the Department.

Graduate Programs

The RTF Department provides an environment in which graduate students have two options of professional training. Students may seek an MA in the Research track, or an MFA in the Production track. The MA is a two-year program designed for insightful students who want to become researchers capable of conducting applied research on media campaigns and related impacts. The MFA is a three-year program designed for creative students to become professional writers and producers capable of producing creative work for media with different forms.

Department Goals / Career

In the future, the department will do its utmost to improve the management and training of interns for SHU Radio and SHU Studio. In the coming years, the department plans to set up an SHU Theater (Tsui Gu Theater) based on the SHU film society. Also, the Internet and new media is the future trend. The department is therefore developing an Internet platform for students to display their video and audio programs online or through other new media.

Contact Information

School Name: Department of Radio, TV, & Film, Shih Hsin University
Address: No. 1, Lane 17, Mucha Rd. Sec.1, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.
Tel: +886 222368225~3192 / 3193